Ready… set… jump

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I find myself at a crossroads.  How do I take better care of myself?  Which path do I take when I’m trying to catch my breath?  How far should I go when things I need and want are just around the corner?  How high do I have reach to touch the sky?  How much hurt before you hurt all the way?  Is silence really golden?  Is a solitary walk worth my soul?  Does it matter if I cry for no reason?  Does it matter if there is a good reason for a cry?  How lonely is lonely when you’ve been lonely for so long? I have so many other questions.  Sigh… deep… profound sigh.  So many questions… so many answers… only one reset button.

Well… here’s a thought:

Resetting the reset button doesn’t mean the end… but the beginning of something new… something that encompasses all the beautiful history that has brought you to this very reset point.  I’m officially resetting my reset button and the SKY is the limit.  Want to give yours a try?

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  1. My reset button was pushed, last year, when I said farewell to an untenable job situation. My employment, this year, whilst far from perfect, is spent in the midst of some very real, dead-honest souls. I can see myself finishing my career, with three more years on this job.

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