That picture of my future and apple sauce

Why am I here… this place?

I place my cup under the dispenser. I push the magic button… nothing.  Non of the buttons on this machine are producing any magic.  I ask the nurse if there is another nourishment center.

“This way please.  Follow me.”

I follow her down the long hallway lit in twilight softness.  Murmuring sounds collide in echo… voices of broken bodies… hoping to get fixed.  I’m guided to turn left and there it is.  I place my cup under it.  I push the magic button… coffee.  My cup is only one fourth full.  I push it again… more coffee.  I push once more and then my eye is captivated with the button labled espresso. It’s 4:00 A.M..  I haven’t slept.  I can’t sleep. Why not! Hit me! I then dump in enough creamer to make the drug drinkable… enjoyable.

I walk down the long hallway back to the place I shouldn’t be but am.  I ask myself if all the choices I have made, led me here… to this moment, this place… this lifetime day.  If I had chosen differently for myself, made different choices, would the universe have gifted me with this present?  I don’t know.  All I know is that the picture on the wall is sonorous and my lovely mother is hungry.  She’s having trouble swallowing solids.  Apple sauce it is.

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