I will move forward with my eyes wide open, fully aware of myself in all the mistakes I’ve made, am making and will make.  I am not perfect but my intentions are and when I let myself down, I will embrace my broken pieces with love and forgiveness.  I won’t pretend to understand but rather accept, with humility, the things I cannot change.  They will make me stronger, build me up against raging storms.  I will keep my path clear of emotional clutter so that I may see better, breathe easier and love more.  It is love that will save me.  My life may be chaos right now but I don’t have to be and I will do what I can to nourish my existence with positivity and hope.  I will let them be my guides.  I’ll not cling to desperation and hopelessness.  That is not who I am.  My eyes will remain open to the possibilities and dreams that hide in the mirrored masks of life.  I will protect myself from negative vibes and drink up the visions that lead me to happiness.  I will not look back.  Regression is not an option.  I see clearly now, with my…
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