Writer’s Life #2 – Blank…

How long before the fiction in my head splatters on the blank in my life.  There is blank there and I’m waiting for it to fill up, burst with chaos.  Frustrating to have so many thoughts, worlds and characters almost boil over.  I don’t have enough time.  I can’t type fast enough and I can’t remember it all.  I’m always joking that I need a nano-chip in my brain.  I want it linked to my computer.  It would read all my creative genius (LOL) and explode it into some sort of coherent creation in words.  I joke… but I wish it were possible.

Sometimes I journal.  However, my handwriting is chicken scratch.  I can salvage some of it but some… I haven’t a clue!  Still it is a good thing and I can fill in the blanks.  I’ve some weird stuff that turns into good stuff that can potentially become great.  If only I could read my own writing.

My life is like this.  I can’t read my own writing sometimes so I leave it blank.  I’m not waiting for the nano-chip though.  I’m going to fill in the blank, even if it takes forever.  No one else can do it for me.

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