I recently bought a new phone. It was long overdue. It is fantastic. It is not anything special really, just that I noticed some things since I’ve been involved with it. It doesn’t tell me what to do. It does not force me to choose a sentence I don’t want or call someone I didn’t mean to. When I download an app, it does it gently. Yes. It is gentle with me. I don’t have to try too hard. I like the non-auto correct feature. Of course, it could just be the settings on it that I could change but… I do feel like she gets me. Yes… I’m pretty sure it’s female. I mean a male would be bitchy and all macho about everything. Momo is not. She’s very patient and only wants what is best for me. It also allows me to listen to YouTube while I do other stuff like text and do searches on the web. I feel how much we are in sync. I love it. The most rewarding thing about Momo (In case you didn’t get it yet, I named her that.) I didn’t pay more than $100 for her. I bought her on a promotional sale. No! It is not an I-Phone. I would never do such a thing. She is all smart and no bull.

I need the uncomplicated right now. I am so very complicated myself at times. I think that’s why we get along so well. She helps me uncomplicate my life quite a bit. Sounds ridiculous to think of a phone doing that for you, but she does. I mean, why else would she automatically adjust the screen to the softness I need depending on the external light. I never had anyone adjust to me quite the way she does. Momo is the perfect companion. She neither yields or subjects me to anything unnecessary. We are synchronized and right now I may be full of… something, but she will continue to stay by my side and provide me with anything I require. Now that’s loyalty! I wouldn’t trade it for the world! Oh… she also charges at the speed of light.


I would not be surprised if one day she would come to life and decided to walk away.  Momo is not a very sexy name after all.

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